3 Things you should know

1. This millage affects ALL students.
When special education funding does not cover the costs, local districts must use their general fund instead. Since special education costs are mandated by law, schools have no choice. The result? Our children’s education suffers. Services for special education are kept to a minimum, and staffing and other programs that benefit all students are cut. 
2. What this millage means to YOUR local school district
Don’t think your school district won’t feel the pain. Until this year, special education funding covered 100 percent of the cost in Jackson County. This year, schools absorbed 18 percent of the costs. In 2012-13, local schools will pay 25% of their special education costs. If this millage does not pass, schools will pay 78% in 2013-14.  The money comes from the district’s general fund (there are no rainy day funds).  Here’s the dollar impact for your school district     more information, talk to your school’s principal, superintendent, or special education teacher.
3. How much will it cost me?
That’s a good question. The answer? For most people, less than a happy meal a month. Here's how much this proposal will add to current tax bills: 

·      For the owner of a $50,000 house, it will cost $16.25/year

·      For the owner of a $100,000 house, it will cost $32.50/year

·      For the owner of a $200,000 house, it will cost $65/year.