KEEP THE PROMISE... for ALL children!

Funding for special education in Jackson County has dropped so low, it now affects ALL students.

Local school districts are now using their general funds to pay for state-mandated special education services. This comes at a time when Lansing and Washington are already cutting funding to K-12 schools. Have you ever asked yourself: “What kind of education are we giving our children?”

Our children deserve better! 

Help us “Keep the Promise” to our children for a first-class education.

You can make a difference! 
  • Your vote
  • Your financial support
  • Your time helping Friends of Special Education
  • You getting the YES vote out on August 7 by reminding your family and friends to vote (or making sure they vote by absentee ballot)

Gimme 5!  

Help us inform and remind your friends, family and neighbors when to vote! Give us the names of five (or more!) probable YES voters, and we’ll send them reminders prior to August 7.

VOTE YES Tuesday,
 August 7, 2012